Adhesive Plaster (PE)

  • Material: PU/PE/PVC with absorbent pad.
  • Size: Φ22mm, Φ25mm, 40×10mm, 38x19mm, 55x19mm, 60x19mm, 65×19mm, 70x19mm, 72x19mm, 76x19mm, 76x25mm.
  • Non-stick pad for quicker healing, non-adherent to wounds.
  • Good breathable and anti-bacterium.
  • Single use only.Latex free. Sterile by ETO.
Size Type Ref
Φ22mm PU/PE/PVC 82-P-1-16A
Φ25mm PU/PE/PVC 82-P-2-16A
40×10mm PU/PE/PVC 82-P-3-16A
38×19mm PU/PE/PVC 82-P-4-16A
55x19mm PU/PE/PVC 82-P-5-16A
60×19mm PU/PE/PVC 82-P-6-16A
65×19mm PU/PE/PVC 82-P-7-16A
70×19mm PU/PE/PVC 82-P-8-16A
72×19mm PU/PE/PVC 82-P-9-16A
76×19mm PU/PE/PVC 82-P-10-16A
76x25mm PU/PE/PVC 82-P-11-16A

1pc/bag, 100bags/box, 100boxes/ctn.