Cotton Tipped Applicator

  • Cotton Tipped Applicator
  • Cotton Tipped Applicator
  • Material: wood with cotton or plastic with cotton.
  • Stick: wood or plastic.
  • Stick length: 75mm, 100mm, 150mm.
  • Cotton head: 5mm.
  • Sterile or unsterile.
  • Single use only.Latex free.
Size Stick Ref
75mm wood sterile 226-S1-1-16B
100mm wood sterile 226-S1-2-16B
150mm wood sterile 226-S1-3-16B
75mm plastic sterile 226-S2-1-16B
100mm plastic sterile 226-S2-2-16B
150mm plastic sterile 226-S2-3-16B
75mm wood 226-1-1-16B
100mm wood 226-1-2-16B
150mm wood 226-1-3-16B
75mm plastic 226-2-1-16B
100mm plastic 226-2-2-16B
150mm plastic 226-2-3-16B

Sterile: 2pcs/bag, 100bags/box, 20boxes/ctn.

Unsterile: 100pcs/bag, 200bags/ctn.