Foam Silver Ion Dressing

  • Material: polyurethane foam.
  • Type: common or self-adhesive.
  • Size: 5x5cm, 7.5×7.5cm, 10x10cm, 15x15cm, 10x20cm.
  • High absorbency, it can absorb lots of exudates and reduce maceration to the skin.
  • It has water-lock function.
  • Provide moist environment to promote wound healing.
  • Non-adherent to the wound, no pain will occur when remove dressing.
  • It is soft, elastic and comfortable to the skin and has good cushioning. It is antibacterial.
  • It is adaptable to different phases of wound, especially to heavy exudated wounds. I-II degree burn and scald wound. For burn and scald wound, cosmetic operation and shin-donor sites. Ulcer, bedsore, pressure ulcers and cavity wound. Post-operation surgery wounds and injuries.Especially used for infected wounds with heavy exudates.
  • Single use only.Latex free. Sterile by ETO.
Size Ref
5x5cm 203-1-16A
7.5×7.5cm 203-2-16A
10x10cm 203-3-16A
15x15cm 203-4-16A
10x20cm 203-5-16A

5x5cm: 1pc/blister, 10blisters/box, 40boxes/ctn.

7.5×7.5cm: 1pc/blister, 10blisters/box, 20boxes/ctn.

10x10cm: 1pc/blister, 10blisters/box, 20boxes/ctn.

15x15cm: 1pc/blister, 10blisters/box, 10boxes/ctn.

10x20cm: 1pc/blister, 10blisters/box, 10boxes/ctn.