Gauze Swab

Gauze Swab
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  • Material: 100% cotton absorbent gauze.
  • 8ply, 12ply or 16ply.
  • Size: 5x5cm, 7.5×7.5cm, 10x10cm, 10x15cm, 10x20cm.
  • Folded or unfolded edge.
  • With or without X ray.
  • Sterile or unsterile.
  • Soft and higher of absorbency.
  • Single use only.Latex free.
Size Type Ref
5x5cm-8ply unsterile 74-N1-1-16B
7.5×7.5cm-8ply unsterile 74-N1-2-16B
10x10cm-8ply unsterile 74-N1-3-16B
5x5cm-12ply unsterile 74-N2-1-16B
7.5×7.5cm-12ply unsterile 74-N2-2-16B
10x10cm-12ply unsterile 74-N2-3-16B
5x5cm-16ply unsterile 74-N3-1-16B
7.5×7.5cm-16ply unsterile 74-N3-2-16B
10x10cm-16ply unsterile 74-N3-3-16B
5x5cm-8ply unsterile x ray 74-NX1-1-16B
7.5×7.5cm-8ply unsterile x ray 74-NX1-2-16B
10x10cm-8ply unsterile x ray 74-NX1-3-16B
5x5cm-12ply unsterile x ray 74-NX2-1-16B
7.5×7.5cm-12ply unsterile x ray 74-NX2-2-16B
10x10cm-12ply unsterile x ray 74-NX2-3-16B
5x5cm-16ply unsterile x ray 74-NX3-1-16B
7.5×7.5cm-16ply unsterile x ray 74-NX3-2-16B
10x10cm-16ply unsterile x ray 74-NX3-3-16B
5x5cm-8ply sterile 74-S1-1-16B
7.5×7.5cm-8ply sterile 74-S1-2-16B
10x10cm-8ply sterile 74-S1-3-16B
5x5cm-12ply sterile 74-S2-1-16B
7.5×7.5cm-12ply sterile 74-S2-2-16B
10x10cm-12ply sterile 74-S2-3-16B
5x5cm-16ply sterile 74-S3-1-16B
7.5×7.5cm-16ply sterile 74-S3-2-16B
10x10cm-16ply sterile 74-S3-3-16B
5x5cm-8ply sterile x ray 74-SX1-1-16B
7.5×7.5cm-8ply sterile x ray 74-SX1-2-16B
10x10cm-8ply sterile x ray 74-SX1-3-16B
5x5cm-12ply sterile x ray 74-SX2-1-16B
7.5×7.5cm-12ply sterile x ray 74-SX2-2-16B
10x10cm-12ply sterile x ray 74-SX2-3-16B
5x5cm-16ply sterile x ray 74-SX3-1-16B
7.5×7.5cm-16ply sterile x ray 74-SX3-2-16B
10x10cm-16ply sterile x ray 74-SX3-3-16B

sterile 5x5cm: 5pcs/bag, 20bags/box, 32boxes/ctn.

sterile 7.5×7.5cm: 5pcs/bag, 20bags/box, 24boxes/ctn.

sterile 10x10cm: 5pcs/bag, 20bags/box, 24boxes/ctn.

unsterile 5x5cm: 100pcs/bag, 200bags/ctn.

unsterile 7.5×7.5cm: 100pcs/bag, 150bags/ctn.

unsterile 10x10cm: 100pcs/bag, 100bags/ctn.