Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouch

  • Material: high temperature dialysis paper/France Arjo Paper +medical CPP/PET compound film + medical adhesive tape.
  • The medical adhesive tape can make rapid and efficient seal without any professional sealing devices.
  • The indicator’s color has significant change and no change back. The initial color will change to two different color after steam sterilization and ETO sterilization.
  • The three sided explosion-proof can efficiently prevent the pouch from bursting.
  • The transparent compound film can show what inside the pouch clearly in order to reduce errors.

 How to use

  • Apply to hospital, clinic and laboratory’s sterilization; and also apply to the disinfection of beauty products or family high-temperature.
  • Apply to both ETO sterilization and STEAM sterilization.
  • The sharp part of equipment should be put contrary to the peel side to ensure safety use.
  • Tear off the release paper aside the tangent line, seal the pouch and mark the sterilization time, contents and usage etc.
  • The clean area with temperature below 25℃ and humidity below 60% is recommended, the valid period will be 6 months after sterilizing.
Size Ref
57x130mm 328-1-20B
70x260mm 328-2-20B
83x160mm 328-3-20B
90x135mm 328-4-20B
90x170mm 328-5-20B
90x260mm 328-6-20B
135x260mm 328-7-20B
135x280mm 328-8-20B
135x290mm 328-9-20B
190x360mm 328-10-20B
250x370mm 328-11-20B
250x400mm 328-12-20B
260x410mm 328-13-20B
300x410mm 328-14-20B
300x460mm 328-15-20B
305x430mm 328-16-20B
190x330mm 328-17-20B

200pcs/box, 10boxes/ctn.