Tubular Elastic Net Bandage

  • Material: cotton with rubber or synthetic with rubber.
  • Size: 1.5cmx20m, 2.5cmx20m, 3.5cmx20m, 5cmx20m, 6cmx20m, 7.5cmx20m, 8cmx20m, 10cmx20m, 17.5cmx10m, 32.5cmx10m.
  • High tensile strength, comfortable, breathable.
  • Different length can be as required.
  • Single use only.
Size Cotton/Ref Synthetic/Ref
1.5cmx20m 75-C-20-1-16A 75-S-20-1-16A
2.5cmx20m 75-C-20-2-16A 75-S-20-2-16A
3.5cmx20m 75-C-20-3-16A 75-S-20-3-16A
5cmx20m 75-C-20-4-16A 75-S-20-4-16A
6cmx20m 75-C-20-5-16A 75-S-20-5-16A
7.5cmx20m 75-C-20-6-16A 75-S-20-6-16A
8cmx20m 75-C-20-7-16A 75-S-20-7-16A
10cmx20m 75-C-20-8-16A 75-S-20-8-16A
17.5cmx10m 75-C-10-9-16A 75-S-10-9-16A
32.5cmx10m 75-C-10-10-16A 75-S-10-10-16A

1.5cmx20m: 1roll/box, 120boxes/ctn.

2.5cmx20m: 1roll/box, 84boxes/ctn.

3.5cmx20m: 1roll/box, 56boxes/ctn.

5cmx20m: 1roll/box, 32boxes/ctn.

6cmx20m: 1roll/box, 32boxes/ctn.

7.5cmx20m: 1roll/box, 32boxes/ctn.

8cmx20m: 1roll/box, 32boxes/ctn.

10cmx20m: 1roll/box, 24boxes/ctn.

17.5cmx20m: 1roll/box, 24boxes/ctn.

32.5cmx10m: 1roll/box, 24boxes/ctn.