Tracheostomy Tube Holder

  • Tracheostomy Tube Holder A
  • Tracheostomy Tube Holder B
  • Material: cotton, foam and Velcro.
  • Designed to fit patients comfortably and securely.
  • Stabilized the catheter, maximize patient comfort.
  • Reduce anaphylaxis, prevent from the occurrence of the phlebitis.
  • Reduce catheter movement. Minimize accidental catheter dislodgements.
  • Elimination circumferential compression. Alleviating traction of catheter.
  • Easy to secure. Saves nursing time.
  • Secure and easy to use Velcrotabs fit any size of tracheostomy tube’s flange ends.
  • Length adjustable to fit most patients, from pediatric to adult.
  • Single use only. Latex free.
Type Size Ref
Adult A 35.5×2.5cm 306-5-20B
Child A 17.5×1.9cm 306-6-20B
Adult B 57×3.5cm 306-3-20B
Child B 46×3.5cm 306-4-20B

1pc/bag, 10bags/box, 20boxes/ctn.